Council approves purchase and installation of directional signs

Project is to proceed over the next three years in phases

Tuesday, Feb 07, 2012 06:00 am | By Madison Samuel-Barclay

The Town of Didsbury was presented the revised three-year directional signage project at its last Committee of the Whole meeting, with motions passed to approve the project at the regular council meeting on January 24.

The directional signage project, which will see unique heritage signs directing guests and residents to important community sites such as the hospital, museum, library and more, was an undertaking following the First Impression Community Exchange (FICE) program Didsbury took part in with Cardston.

This provincial program was developed to help determine the needs of a community based on the first impressions of new visitors.

The report the FICE committee submitted to Didsbury determined that the town lacked directional signage for facilities and services.

The current designs of the proposed signs, which will be made of iron and posted in various locations in the town, had met some scrutiny and serious discussion at both the committee and regular meetings in regards to design and readability.

“Holding off and getting some multiple sign designs to get an opinion, since they’ll be around for a long time, may be a good idea,” said Coun. Gayle Veno.

Despite this, council did pass the motion to approve, in a majority vote following a long discussion, that administration purchase and install all 15 of the planned signs as per the first, second and third phases of the directional sign project as presented, as well as approve the final draft of the sign design for both the downtown and entranceway signs.

The total cost of the purchase and installation of the signs will come to $24,000 over the three-year, three-phase process, with a current allocated tourism budget of $7,500 for years 2012 and 2013.

A total of $9,400 is to be allocated in the tourism budget in 2014.


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