New statistics show major hit to commercial/industrial growth

Tuesday, Feb 14, 2012 06:00 am | By Madison Samuel-Barclay

The new 2011 development statistics for the Town of Didsbury show a jump in residential and dwelling count, but a decline in commercial and other areas of growth, as well as permits overall. The updated 2011 statistics show a jump of 65 total dwellings and $7,217,049, up from 25 and $5,310,685.35 in 2010.

Institutional development is up by four permits and $120,000 from 2010, with a listed zero permits that year. Residential stats also show 26 permits and $6,850,500, up from $3,805,000 in 2010 (with no residential permit count listed). However, commercial, industrial and other developments are down considerably, with commercial/industrial’s 2011 money comparison at $152,849, down from $1,038,500 in 2012. This decline is an “economy reflection”, according to Mayor Brian Wittal.

“There’s not a lot of commercial lands [in Didsbury],” said Wittal. “And retail business in the downtown is not the hottest part of the economy right now.”

However, Wittal is expecting things to pick up come spring and summer, especially with new projects such as the Shantz Crossing Business Park starting to get underway, and in the oil and gas industry. “The oil and gas services around here is where we’re going to see the growth,” said Wittal. “Shantz is also going to show positive growth. People are going to say ‘things are happening [in Didsbury], let’s check it out’.”


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