Alleged bank robber under house arrest in Didsbury

Former university student accused of robbing Calgary bank

Tuesday, Mar 13, 2012 06:00 am | By Madison Samuel-Barclay

A former Mount Royal University student accused of robbing over $6,000 at a credit union on Feb. 29, is currently under a judge-ordered house arrest in Didsbury.

Meghan Darcy Melnyk, 27, charged with robbing the Servus Credit Union in Calgary, was ordered on release on Mar. 7 by provincial court Judge Brian Stevenson.

Court had heard that the credit union robber passed a note to the teller at the bank, indicating that they were armed, before making their getaway with $6,180 in cash and some bait bills, as well as a dye pack.

Bank staff was able to get a licence plate on a PT Cruiser leaving the scene, and police were able to track and arrest the driver where they had parked 15 minutes later, alone in the vehicle.

An envelope with the cash, as well as the holdup note, sunglasses (similar to those worn by the robber), makeup, makeup remover and a knife were found inside the vehicle.

Melnyk also had pending charges of fraud under $5,000, involving a stolen purse and forged cheque, using a forged document, and breaching conditions of probation.

According to Melnyk’s defense lawyer, Derek Lovatt, Melnyk was under stress due to working 12 to 14 hours a week, as well as dealing with a gambling addiction and struggling with her financial obligations at university.

While Melnyk is residing in Didsbury with her aunt, she must abide by a 24-hour house arrest, except for work, vocational training, court appearances or emergency medical issues.

Melnyk also cannot attend any establishment or business that has video lottery terminals, must not possess or use any firearms or other weapons, and must not come within 100 metres of either Mount Royal University, or the Servus Credit Union, located at 5303 68th Ave. S.E. in Calgary.

Melnyk must also report to RCMP weekly while under house arrest.

“There are numerous people who report to us weekly who are not just residents,” said Sgt. Jeff Jacobson.

When asked if local businesses would be informed about the house arrest placement and the potential for thefts in the community, Jacobson added, “That is not something we do, but police are aware of people who have done a variety of crimes in the past as well.”

“Ultimately, a business cannot assume anyone isn’t around who would not do that.”

Jacobson could not comment further on the case.

The release was on either $6,000 cash or $12,000 in non-cash assets, and would be posted by Melnyk’s mother.

Melnyk will be back in court on Mar. 16.


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