Spring cleaning for town black bins

Tuesday, Apr 17, 2012 06:00 am | By Madison Samuel-Barclay

Black bin maintenance and cleaning proved a stinky topic at the regular committee of the whole meeting on April 10.

The Town of Didsbury had received a complaint from a resident that after 12 years, their black rollout garbage bin could no longer be cleaned out properly, and was beginning to smell.

The resident wanted to know if the bin could be traded for a new one.

The rollout garbage bin was an original black bin from when the town went to the rollout system in 2000.

The bins have a predicted life expectancy of 20 years, but replacement of the bins due to age is not covered in the Rollout Cart Policy #4002.

Councillors discussed whether or not a full replacement of the 1,100 black bins was necessary at this time, while keeping in mind the 300 black bins currently in their inventory (with the cost of new bins, based on the previous time of purchase, running at $65 a bin).

“What do we deem to be the life cycle, when do we replace them, and what do we recommend to residents?” asked Mayor Brian Wittal, while considering the cost of bin replacement. “If we replace on smell and cleanliness, where do we draw the line?”

However, council did determine that if the bin is damaged, the bin can be given to the town to repair. It is also possible for a resident to pay for a new bin on their own through the town if they wish.

In the meantime, residents were recommended to clean out their black bins in anticipation of warm spring and summer weather, which could potentially make the bins messier, and a bit more smelly.

Garden hoses and cleaner, or a pressure washer were a few options discussed for cleaning the bins.


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