Designs approved for new strip mall

Tuesday, Aug 14, 2012 06:00 am | By Kevin Vink | Didsbury Review

On Aug. 9, the Didsbury Municipal Planning commission approved the proposed design for a new strip mall.

The mall, which will be about 4,407 sq. m., will be going in between the Mountain View Credit Union and AG Foods on a parcel of land owned by Cayenne Holdings.

Dale Shippelt, a representative for Cayenne Holdings, said that Didsbury was a bit of a strategic choice.

“We looked at the opportunity there,” said Shippelt, “the community is growing quickly. Provincial statistics indicate that it’s a community with opportunity and there’s prime real estate available.”

Construction is scheduled for fall of this year, and the complex will have 10 suites, each measuring about 1,180 sq.ft.

Shippelt said that if one suite is not enough for a potential tenant, multiple suites can be leased and connected easily.

“If somebody wants two suites,” he said, “they can take out two leases and put them together.” Shippelt added that each suite will have its own air conditioning and be self-contained.

“We won’t put the walls in until it’s leased out,” he said, “so if somebody requires a larger space, they can develop it as they see fit.”

Shippelt said that he’s confident the new building will fit right in.

The complex conforms to the Downtown Heritage Core Plan, the purpose of which, said Mayor Brian Wittal, is to maintain the historical ambience of downtown.

“Any new buildings that are going to be built are required to meet certain standards,” said Wittal, “as far as the appearance of their buildings go. They have to have some kind of a historical context to them.” He explained that this is so they will fit in with the other buildings that decorate main street.

“We don’t want to see new metal clad buildings in beside our brick buildings,” Wittal added. “The people of Didsbury have said that (the buildings are) part of the charm, the character, and the history of the town, and they want us to maintain that.”

He mentioned the credit union building, which is a newer building, but has an old-style look to it.

The construction date is tentative, said Shippelt.

“The actual start of construction,” he said, “depends on when the engineers finalize their drawings.”

He added that pricing is pending a preliminary cost evaluation of the construction costs.

He added that the situation is looking good as far as potential tenants go, however, he said he can’t get into too many specifics at this time.

If anybody would like more information in regard to leasing space, they are asked to call Stewart Woollard at 403-845-2545.


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